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Thursday, July 25 2019

A Call To Prayer For There Is A Black Moon Rising

Judy A Bauman

The “Curse Bomb”

The Lord showed me back in April that the enemy is planning an attack in what He called a “Curse Bomb.” He also gave a strategy of prayer in order to counter that attack. At that time, the Lord only showed me a handful of people to send the message, but now He has asked me to share what He showed me this morning.1

The Vision of the Evil Workers and the Explanation
I saw people running to and fro, frantically working to finish a project by the deadline. I asked, “What is it they are working to complete, Lord?”

He answered, “It is a weapon of mass destruction.”

I inquired again, “Is it a physical weapon or a spiritual one?”

He replied, “It is both. Satan desires to steal, kill and destroy in all realms, but this particular attack is aimed at a specific world leader. As you are aware, witches worldwide have unprecedentedly come together with one goal since Trump was elected, and that goal is to curse him on the New Moon each month until he is removed from office. They run to and fro because their curses (accusations, humiliations, badgering, mocking, threatening, etc…) have not succeeded. He remains in office by My hand. They have new orders and have been commissioned to assemble a ‘Curse Bomb’. Different covens and groups with evil intentions have orders to prepare this bomb’s components and bring them together at a specific time for assembly and detonation.”

Clear and Present Danger!

“I ask that the saints take this threat seriously because the time approaches for its assembly. While it is aimed at President Trump, its true target is the Church (Ekklesia). I have shown you the timing.”

“Yes, Lord,” I answer.
(Note: There are two New Moons in July! Similar to the second Full Moon being called a “Blue Moon,” the second New Moon is referred to as a “Black Moon”. I also noticed this coming New Moon is a “Supermoon” because of its proximity to the earth. This has a stronger effect on the ocean’s tides, and Scripture often depicts humanity as a sea. The second New Moon will occur at my location on July 31, 2019, at 11:11 p.m. This timestamp caught my eye for its prophetic meaning, but also because New Age diviners superstitiously believe this to be a very spiritual and powerful number. They believe it’s their spirit guides and/or the universe trying to contact them.)

The Holy Spirit affirms my findings and adds, “Yes, but the time and day does depend on where one is in the world. In some places, it will be on August 1st, and the second New Moon will be on August 30th. This is important to note since this is a global effort on behalf of Wickedness in High Places.2 This means they have a full lunar moon cycle to assemble this ‘curse bomb’ for detonation; however, let’s not get bogged down in the details.”

The Golden Bowls

Then the Lord shows me something exquisite! I see a huge golden bowl, and though I see nothing else, I know it is in the Throne Room. There is incense in the bowl, but it’s not full. This bowl represents prayers that have gone up specifically to protect the president, his family, staff, supporters, businesses, and innocent bystanders from the ‘Curse Bomb’.  The fact that the bowl is not yet full concerns me, so I ask, “Lord, why is this not full?”

The Prayers of the Saints and the Three-Cord Strand

He answers, “Because many who call themselves ‘Christian’ feel that I will do whatever I will do whether they pray or not, so they idly standby and watch. They don’t realize the importance of their appeals to heaven and what it is that happens as a result of their prayer. You have not because you ask not. The reason some don’t ask is because of their personal political preferences, but I did not command that you only pray for leaders in whom you agree. Paul issued this decree3 and he was under cruel Roman rule. There is no excuse! Get into agreement with Me and be part of what I am doing in the earth!

“In 2016, the bowls were filled up and the incense was poured out at the precise moment because I heard the cries of My people. Prayers have been poured out for three very strategic election outcomes. These were in Israel, America, and England. A three-cord strand is not easily broken. There are other key nations, and they are vital to My plan, but if these three were not braided together, the others would fail for lack of support.”

Orders to Move Forward

“As I have told you before (in Bringing Down Wickedness in High Places and Awaken to the Revealing), My people must awaken and be rousted to pray for instruction. The enemy has assigned different posts to various covens and cults, but I am giving counter assignments to thwart the devil’s plans. Receive your assignments with gladness and conviction; receive them with confidence that I will open the way for you where there is no way. You are more than a conqueror. Nothing is impossible with Me! Your assignment in the coming days may not look like what you thought, but it is not uncommon during times of war to be assigned unusual duties. This applies to war in the natural but includes spiritual warfare. The ‘Curse Bomb’ can and will be stopped by the prayers and obedience of the saints. As I have said before, when you have done all you can do, stand! Stand firm!”


  1. If you would like me to send this to you, please email me.
  3. 1 Tim 2:1-4


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