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Jewels From Judy

Thursday, July 11 2019

Jewels from Judy: Bringing Down Wickedness in High Places
A word from Abba and an excerpt from Jewels from the River

Judy A Bauman

“There is a line being drawn in the sand, and unfortunately, many of my people have their heads buried in it! There is, and has been, a very deadly advancement being plotted against Israel, and the enemy is very antsy to see it unfold. The devil and his cohorts were shut down when they were felled from their high places in the White House.

“They believed they had it in the bag, but when Trump won, that plan crumbled. The wickedness in high places is not giving up or giving in, but he foiled their plans so exclusively that the hatred for him is unmatched. He has bought the Church (Ecclesia) some time to wake up and roust the troops, but it has not been easy. This is especially true when so many who are called by My name fail to see what I am doing through him. Do you remember what I said to My host of Angels and allowed you to record?”

I answered Him yes, and He asked me to share this specific part with you. This encounter was published in Jewels from the River, Awaken to the Revealing pages 162-163 under the subheadings “Jesus! Captain of the Angels” and “The Lord’s Orders:”

Jesus! Captain of the Angels

Reaching the base of the path, I see the Lord approaching. The Lord is wearing thick leather armor with a sword in its sheath. Though strong and fierce in appearance, it is also elegant and regal in its design. He’s taking long strides and there is an unusual urgency to His steps. As Jesus’ gait intensifies, the sword swings dramatically at His side in rhythm with His quickened pace. Beholding the glory and might of Jesus as the Captain of the army of heavenly hosts takes my breath away.[1] Following behind Him is a garrison of angels. I curtsey low at the sight of the King and this heavenly multitude approaching me and stay bowed. The Lord commands, “Arise, and come with Me.” I stand, take His hand, and Jesus escorts me to a place to sit, observe, and scribe as He addresses His angelic troops.

The Lord’s Orders:

Though He speaks in a language unknown to me, I understand exactly what He is saying to the angels and carefully record His words.[2] “This day marks a new day in the days of creation. Even rocks cry out for My return, but the time is not yet. Fullness must come to My own. They need time to awaken. They are sleepy as if drugged -- and drugged they are! Media has drugged them. Entertainment has drugged them. The world’s governmental issues have troubled the masses. They slumber because their hearts have grown weak from eating a continual diet of fear.[3]

“I Am sending you out in force to roust the saints of God, My chosen and elect. Call, call, call, beckon, beckon, beckon the sons of God, both male and female, to awaken to the revealing. Shake them out of their deep sleep and cause them to ARISE![4] Give heed to My orders and follow My voice. We will witness the great move you have heard of from old. Creation itself will also be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. Cause My Church, My believers, to awaken to the groaning that is deep within them for the fulfillment of their adoption as sons.[5] Tell them, ‘Your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is seen upon you!’ Yes, the light will shine brightly, even dim lights, because of the dark days that are upon the earth.”[6] Angels numbering in the thousands cheer the Lord. I jump up from my seat and cheer along with them. He is majestic; there is none like Him![7]

It is my hope and prayer that you receive what the Holy Spirit is revealing to us through this word and encounter.

In the Father’s Love,
Judy A Bauman




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[5] Romans 8:14-22

[6] Isaiah 60:1-5

[7] Revelation 4:11; 19:16

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