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Sunday, July 31 2011

Justice Is Stumbling!
The other night I had a vivid dream that has troubled me.  I asked the Father its meaning because it is far outside my realm of influence. I believe it is significant enough to share the word I received through the Holy Spirit, as well as some other insights. I submit it for your consideration.
Part I – The Dream:
I was in a huge open courtroom that could seat 500+ people and it seemed full. The walls were oak with huge glass windows so the courtroom could be observed from the outside. Its sides were abnormally shaped. (I looked up shapes and it ends up being a perfect pentagon.)  
In the morning session the judge came out, but on the way to his bench he stumbled a little; he quickly recovered, sat and presided. He seemed to be someone I knew as a friend and respected. Later we all broke for a late lunch/dinner. I had been invited to attend the luncheon with the judge and his supporters. There were people eating and making connections with one another. This seemed to take a lot of time. 
Then we all went back to the courtroom for the evening session. Everyone was dressed more formally. We all stood as the judge came in. He was walking headlong and very fast – too fast for the short distance to his bench. Again he stumbled. He tried to catch himself several times but couldn’t. As he went down, 3 or 4 men who appeared to be deputies of the court ran to catch him.  They were not in uniforms; they were dressed in black dinner jackets with gold badges, but none could reach him in time to break his fall. The judge hit the floor very hard and most people in the courtroom – including me were aghast and horrified as we stood by helplessly and witnessed his fall. 
Shockingly, the sound of snickering from young men seated near where the judge fell could be heard. It grieved me deeply. Their mocking laughter and snide comments seemed not only inappropriate in this place of honor, but terribly insensitive to the judge as he lay on the floor in pain.  I felt his enemies would use this to ridicule the good judge and his fall would likely be played again and again on news reels and you-tube. This small group of disrespectful voices would end up being loud and vocal, making a mockery out of him and overwhelm the feelings of compassion that was due this good judge.
For whatever reason, I had already planned to leave the courtroom early, so I quietly stepped out. There were plenty of people attending the judge, and while I would have liked to help, it wasn’t appropriate for me to come to his aid. As I left the courtroom, it occurred to me that the judge had stumbled both that morning and again that evening; I knew this was very significant because he was a surefooted man. I felt there could be something medically wrong with him. 
Alarmed, I went to two large men dressed in black jackets and gold badges who were walking toward the courtroom. I told one of them I thought the judge may have fallen because of a medical condition and that they needed to get him to a doctor. As I exclaimed to the man, “He stumbled twice today!” he looked at me like I was crazy and walked on. My thought was I was wasting my time with this guy anyway as he was only an “usher”. I felt the judge’s life was in jeopardy and somehow I needed to find someone who had real authority to get him the help he needed. ~ End Dream
Part II – The Prayer:
“Father, interpretation belongs to You. What does this mean?” (See Genesis 40:8; Daniel 2:20-23
Part III – The Interpretation:
After praying the Lord immediately spoke this to my heart:
“Judy, it is actually very simple. You admire and look up to righteous judgment. It is, in a sense, your friend. But you have seen it stumble and now it is moving in a manner that it cannot remain upright. No matter how many men run to its aid, justice is falling. The mockers are there. Mockery has become normal in the land. There is little respect for dignitaries.
“Everything is in travail – the governments, the earth, the people. Remember this – though a righteous man falls, he will rise seven times.”
“It is time to arise and shine!  It is time to roust the troops!  It is time to sound the alarm for justice - because righteous judgment has stumbled and fallen!  Judgment is ill. Its equilibrium is off.   Judgment comes first to the house of the Lord! Strengthen that which remains. Do not run away, but face the enemies of your God and protect the downtrodden of the nations. 
“The weapons of your warfare are not natural. They are love and hope, praise and thanksgiving, peace and joy. Let My weapons rise and watch your enemies be scattered; but use the weapons I give with purposeful understanding. Skillfully use My sword on the devil and his cohorts to remove their teeth and talons from the flesh of My Church. Be vigilant.  My word is a sword and should never be used to harm those I gave My life to save. Scripture is first a mirror to see your own reflection and conform your image to Mine, and second as a tool to build up My Body. If needed, use My sword on people more like a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon. It is a delicate procedure to surgically remove disease and avoid causing deep scarring to My beloved. My word must be applied carefully and with My heart of compassion. Follow My lead. Do not misuse Scripture to bring harm to another or you will be found in contempt! 
“Discern the signs of the times. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD. Endure to the end and receive My power to be My witnesses to the ends of the earth.
“John baptized with water, but I baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. I am bringing a fire to burn up the chaff. Stand fast at your position on the wall. Do not run, but stand and behold the salvation of your King and Righteous Judge. I will not stumble but will bring swift and precise judgments in My timing. Do not fear! Remember, all this must happen before I return.”
After pondering this further, clearly the “pentagon” shape of a courtroom speaks of government; and the seating for a large crown and the big windows speaks of the public being able to view the goings on there. 
My impression on the time frame between the judge’s first and the second stumble seems the time period from when America became a country in 1776 to 2011.  There were small stumbles in the nation’s beginning that mostly went unnoticed, but now the US government is running head-long and its fall will be great unless the Lord steps in to catch us.  This reminds me of what Jesus said in Matthew 7:24-27 about building on sand or rock. It’s not just a matter of hearing the words of Jesus, but acting on the words of the Master out of a heart of obedience. Justice is stumbling – America and needs the Great Physician!
While fellowship and networking is good, a lot of it is for self-promotion.  There has been a lot of filling our bellies and “hobnobbing” – this is true not only in the US government but governments around the world as well as the global Church. Divine connections are important in every arena in life, but much of it is man trying to elevate himself. 
As I pondered the United States celebrating her 235th year of independence this month, the Lord led me to Luke 2:35.  This records when Simeon prophesied over Mary. It causes me great trepidation – as it seems to relate to my beloved country.  “A sword shall pass through your own soul – so that the reasonings of many hearts may be revealed.” 
As Christ’s Church and remnant, we must pray for those in authority as Scripture has commanded us to do. I have long held the belief that our governments are failing because the Church has not taken serious the command to pray for world leaders. We seem happy to belly-ache about it, but refuse to lay down our own agendas and pray.  First Timothy 2:1-7 is very clear on this matter.
Please consider what a colleague of mine wrote in regards to the “luncheon/dinner” portion of the dream:
“Are we as a body spending too much time placing too much importance on surrounding ourselves with supporters and making the "right" connections to the detriment of "letting our light so shine in the world”? Have we so encapsulated ourselves or "separated" ourselves within the Christian world that we have contributed to Justice falling? There have been and always will be mockers.  However, to what extent have our own actions/hypocrisies rightly provided fodder for mockery?  There are those who connect for the sake of connecting and name-dropping and those that do the same to facilitate action.  And what's even crazier is there will be a mixture of both in any network. May we all be found promoting the kingdom agenda and not promoting our own position or beliefs! Prophets will know/discern what God is about to do – using Elijah's departure as an example in II Kings 2, but how many will actually seek to be a part of it?”
Another writing that comes to mind about “Justice” can be found at:

If you believe the Lord has shown you something further about this dream (or any of my writings) feel free to contact me. 
Important Scriptures to ponder on this subject:
Proverbs 24:16, 17; Isaiah 1:16-19; 60:2; Joel 2:1; Judges4:6; Matthew 3:11; 24:3-51; Romans 8:22; Second Corinthians 10:3-5; First Peter 4:17; Jude 9-16, 19-25; Revelations 3:1-3; 19:11
Please remember this ministry in your prayers and giving as you are led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you.
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Blessings in the Father’s love,

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