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Thursday, February 28 2008

The Lord Played The Cross


I was in a coffee house and sitting with a Christian friend, though I have no idea who it was, when we noticed that there were a number of men together at a table next to us. One of the men from another table came over and gave us each a pen with JESUS written on it. Then they gave us four more. I was excited and put them in my purse. Then they started singing some Christian songs that were very energetic. I knew them and sang along.

This young man got up to preach, but said he was not sure if he was to give the message, and was waiting on the Holy Spirit. The Lord spoke to my heart and I said softly at first but then more loudly so they could all hear me, "The Lord played the cross like an instrument. He played it like a violin." At this many of the people in the coffee house began to pretend play an instrument (like violins, flutes and horns). I went on, "He played the cross as a song for our salvation. He took what was a horrible death and played it for our benefit."

At this the people were applauding saying, "Yeah!" They played their 'instruments' and I continued to explain that His sacrifice thundered like a bass drum, it rang like a cymbal, it sounded like a group of (3) trumpets," and so on. (With each instrument mentioned it was played.) The whole group of people in the coffee shop were all clapping and cheering forChrist and His victory at the cross.

July 8, 2001

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