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Jewels From Judy

Friday, October 24 2008

An Open Vision: The Light Will Prevail!

The Prayer: 

While journaling I felt an unusual mantle upon me.  I began to write, "Come Lord Jesus - the Spirit and the bride call to You.   I call to You - COME!  Come and reclaim us from destruction.  Come and deliver us from the evil darkness covering the earth and the gross darkness over the people."

The Vision:

Suddenly I saw myself with a wash cloth in my hand - a divine wash cloth.  It was pure white.  I walk amongst a large group of filthy people; all of them are sitting down looking despondent.  I lean down and wash a person's face and hands.  The cloth became black with filth and even human excrement.  I lifted it up to heaven and a divine wash bowl poured water over it and me cleansing us both.  The cloth is again pure white and I am refreshed.  The person I have washed is washed clean - completely clean and is now wearing white raiment.  I look down and see that I am also in a white robe.  The person I washed now has a divine wash cloth and we both go through the crowd of filthy people washing them clean.  [This is not done by our power but is the Holy Spirit's doing. We know we were also just like all of these at one time, so this is a humble privilege for us.]  We only wash those who are shown to us.  They become clean and then get up and do likewise.  Those who have been cleansed and wear white are such a stark difference to those who are dirty.  They glow and light up the areas they go into. 

But some hate the light; they growl and wave away those that are light.  They want nothing to do with the light.  They scoff and get up from their place of slothfulness and begin to incite the people to riot against the light.  Their claims are that they like living in the darkness and none shall take it or their filth from them.  They claim it is their right to keep it.  Those in the light have not done anything against these nor have they forced their will upon them, but they are attacked by the riotous crowd stirred up by the darkness.

However, no matter how much they try, those of the darkness cannot prevail over the light ones - even hundreds against one because light always prevails over darkness.  So the dark ones devise a new plan and whisper to each other in the darkness, "We cannot beat the light unless we make them filthy again." So enticements and intrigues were sent to lure the light ones back into the darkness.

The Light shines and waits to see who will listen, believe, obey and abide in Him.  He will not call His army together until they have been tested by the dark kings and queen. When He mounts up with the army of the angels and the saints, He will only mount up with those whose hearts have been tested and tried in the fire.  Only those whose hearts have been forged in the fires of affliction shall ride with the King of kings.  Jesus is His name and none can come to the One and Only True God, the Creator of heaven and earth, but through Him and by His Spirit. Jah is One!

The darkness will not prevail, though for a time it will seem so.  The believing shall stand to the end, but the faint of heart will be turned back to the filth and none shall be able to wash it away.  The Light will prevail!  The Light will shine and His glory will be seen around and about those who trust in and adhere to the name of the Lord.  Jesus, Yeshua is His name.

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