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Saturday, January 07 2006

Fountain Of Light

During worship while we reverently sung over and over again, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come;" I had a vision about a fountain. In the beginning of singing this song it had begun with the words, "There is a fountain." When I heard the word 'fountain' my mind wandered to a difficult time in my life. I asked the Lord to take away my, 'Fountain of Sorrow' and completely restore His Fountain in my life.

The vision the Lord showed me unfolded in parts and I submit it for your discernment. There was a fountain in the middle of a street. In America nearly all fountains have a pool that catches the water, but many of the fountains in Europe spray down onto the street and then drain underneath. This fountain was like that. It had no borders. It was very simple with three tiers that looked somewhat like a worn down monument.

This simple fountain was slowly replaced. First the head of a lion came up the middle. It was a regal lion and he looked me squarely in the eye. I was captured by its majesty. Water then began to gush out of His mouth and cascaded down onto the lowest pier where there lay a small Lamb - white and perfect and dead. It almost looked asleep, but it wasn't. It lay motionless on top of the Lion's feet as though when it died it had collapsed there and the Lion hadn't moved. I looked back up at the Lion's face and saw the fountain's water trickle from His eyes as tears.

Rising above the Lion to the left was an Eagle. I could see its piecing left eye and formidable beak. The Eagle had water flowing through the top of its talons. It looked to be a Golden Eagle.

Standing to the right in front of the Lion and the Lamb was a large white male sheep. It looked exactly like a Colorado Ram with its horns curling under - only pure white. This animal stood on the street and the water ran under his feet.

To the right came forward a Rider on a beautiful white horse. He was a regal Man with a sword extending from His mouth, yet it was as water. (The thought came to me last night after reading Revelation 4:6, 7 that the sword could have been made out of crystal with water running over its blade. This passage seems to describe some of what I saw.) The sword was forceful and deadly, yet it was the defense of the weak and hopeless. He was dressed in a type of armor and was clearly a force to be reckoned with. He was a lovely sight and a terrifying one at the same time.

His grace and peace,


January 7, 2006
Vision given December 18, 2005

These are the best examples that I can find of what I saw. click on each one for link:

Horse and man (though the man is clearly not as majestic as the Lord!)

Lyrics to Fountain of Sorrow

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