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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, October 01 2005

First I want to say in the strongest way possible that this title came because of what was spoken in this dream, not because that is what I am proclaiming. I am not cursing America. I am not prophesying against her. The most important thing I have learned as a child of the Living God is that He is merciful and just. He gives us warnings so we know how to pray, and so we know what could come if we do not repent (turn away from doing wrong). This is a judgment that will be brought to a stand still if we will turn and seek God as is stated in 2 Chronicles 7:14. This mandate and promise is spoken to the ?people called by My name' NOT to the lost souls outside of God's word. God is true to His word and will do as He promised. His promiseand His word is that He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. Will you pray for the sake of this country? I particularly sense this mandate to pray is for the Christian leaders. Just as Daniel prayed for Israel in Chapter 9, so must our church leaders do for America. I release this after much prayer and trepidation and long hours of wrestling with the Lord to gain understanding and wisdom in the sharing, but also to release it in the exact right season. I do believe this is the exact time to unfold this mystery.

There were two main locations but a number of scenes to this dream.

Dream: Judgement On America!

Location One - Inside the Theater

Taking Refuge Inside the Theater:

I was at a theater with a friend and we had come inside because of the terrible sandstorms outside. Someone kept opening a side door to let people in. Sand would blow in and it was harsh and painful. Everyone that was sitting near the door got up to sit somewhere else. The seats were wet like they had been hosed off. There were thick, brown paper towels near a door that we could use to wipe off our wet, sandy seats.

The Lamenting Man:

As I walked over to get some towels to dry our seats, I saw a man walking toward me carefully carrying a flat box or something like a wooden suitcase. He looked to be from the Middle-East and was lost in his own world of grief. He placed the box on the floor and began to set up a shrine. Another man had been killed - martyred perhaps - on that very spot. The mourning man then began to lament over this makeshift shrine and I was impressed that he did this every night at the same time. I am not sure how long this had gone on, but it seemed that in his religion it would normally call for the slain man's wife to lament in this manner. This is when I realized it was this grieving man's homosexual lover who had been slain.

Location Two - The Compound

The Three Clocks:

Then I came to be at a compound that seemed to be out in the country. I was in a large room off the main house with all kinds of old furniture and household décor items. These items looked to be haphazardly displayed; it may have been an antique store off of someone's home. I was walking around looking at all the items. Most of it looked like dilapidated junk. Amongst the furniture stood three upright floor clocks, but you could only readily see two of them. The two that could be seen stood about 5 ½ ft tall; one was decorated with ornate green metal, copper that had oxidized, and the other had the image of a witch along with other occult symbols on the clock face. The owner said it hadn't worked right since his daughter bought it. The green clock had a key to wind it to make it work. It was an unusual looking key - with about 3/8" square at the end. I found a key that resembled it at I remember taking the key and sticking it into slot and turning it to see if I could get the clock to work. Then I put the key on a small shelf inside the clock. The owner had been keeping it somewhere else and said that it was better where I had put it as it wouldn't get misplaced. It seems this clock only worked part of the time because it depended on someone remembering to wind it. So it was unreliable as a time piece. The two clocks were in the same small area, and both were facing forward. There was a woman there who was also looking at the clocks, and I recognized her from a church I attended at the time. When we heard a clock chime, she thought it was the witch clock telling time. I didn't because it clearly wasn't working. After hearing the chiming, I walked behind it and discovered a simple looking wooden Grandfather clock sitting in the corner - hidden behind the witch clock. It was the one chiming. The woman from church was still looking to the witch-faced clock to see what time it was, and the way she was admiring it, I didn't think that she understood what the face or the symbols on the clock represented. The Grandfather clock was the only clock of the three that worked right.

The Discussion with My Aunts about Witchcraft:

I went out on the back porch where I was surprised to see my father's twin sisters. They were discussing Harry Potter. One said, "Oh, I have seen Harry Potter and there is nothing wrong with it." The other began to argue with her. Hearing their conversation, I looked at the first aunt and interjected, "You are setting yourself up against the mind of Christ. The Bible states that witchcraft is a sin." After I said this I felt a little uneasy to have made such a bold comment. I didn't want to be disrespectful to my aunt, but at the same time I wanted to respect God and state the truth of His word. I am not sure where this conversation went but I think I went back into the house.

The Blueprints of the Compound:

I went back into the house and began to pray and as I prayed, I became very light. I floated down through the floorboards. It was very vivid as I could see above the floor, the wood of the floor itself, and I could also see the ceiling of the room underneath! It was like Iwas in a cross-section view of the house. Then I was sitting at a table in the basement of the house. It was very clean and neat in this underground room. Unrolled in front of me were large blueprints of the entire compound. As I examined them, the Lord pointed out one small building in the middle of the compound.

The Goat:

The Lord then took me to this small building and said, "Look at The Goat." At first I looked for an animal. Then the Holy Spirit showed me a boiler (a heater) that was nicknamed, ?The Goat'. It was constructed of steel sheet metal that had been riveted together and it looked like a goat. ?The Goat' walked over to a feed bin, stuck its head inside the flap, and began to eat the grain that was in there. It required such low maintenance; no one even supervised it. The Lord pointed out its right shoulder leading to the goat's fore-shank (front leg). The sheet metal had pulled up slightly, but it was hard to see without looking closely. It had a leak. I understood it to be some kind of fuel that was a very compact and volatile material. The Lord showed me that it was about to blow and it would cause a catastrophic explosion.

The Little Boy:

Then suddenly I was in a room in the main house. (I don't think I ever physically left the house.) There was a little boy maybe 2-4 years old that I didn't know, but much to my surprise he immediately bonded to me. I believe it was unusual for this child to cling to someone he had just met the way he had done with me. Because his father knew he was safe, he left the boy with me and went to get food that he needed. The child had special needs. He had something wrong with his belly button. It could have been something else like a place for a feeding tube. He may have had a shunt or something like that for draining fluid. I really am uncertain what it was or what was wrong with him. Then this boy spoke and said something, but I could not understand him. The father had come back by then, and I asked him what the child said. He told me, "This [coming explosion from the fuel leak in this self-feeding goat] isjudgment on America for idolatry and the killing of the unborn babies. When I heard this I crumbled to the floor and went into deep travail. I was in such horrible agonizing pain that all I could do was wail, scream, moan and cry as I rolled back and forth on the floor. The woman from the church was suddenly there on the floor rolling around and imitating me. She kept rolling into me like she was trying to get my attention or let others know she was travailing too. It was very bizarre. I was extremely annoyed by this but was in such terrible pain, there wasn't much I could do about her close proximity to me. I screamed in such anguish it woke me up.


Interpretation belongs to the Lord, so it is my prayer that He makes known the meaning of this multifaceted dream. Genesis 40:8

A Theater is a distraction from reality. It easily could represent the present-day church because so many come to be entertained. However, I was there to seek shelter from the sand storms. The sand-storms outside seem to be symbolic of dry, desolate, desert times - times of famine. The sand could also represent a sea of people being blown and tossed about by the wind. The sand could be a sea of people who are so abrasive that one needs to seek shelter from them. Wind in this dream was symbolic of struggles, devastating loss and catastrophes. The brown paper towels symbolize ordinary earthly provision; nothing extravagant. It being wet on the inside and dry outside may point to the world being backwards to God's ways.

The Lamenting Man struck me as particularly odd because I don't think I have ever seen a man who is a middle-eastern national who is overtly gay. This never dawned on me until this dream. What was more perplexing was that he brought together both his religious customs with the practice of homosexuality. So it seemed to reflect a clash between cultural norms. I don't know if there even are such religious customs to lament a death of a husband in this manner. Though it does reveals an interesting truth of the fruitlessness andimpotence (inability to produce offspring) of both erroneous religious works and the practice of homosexuality.

The Compound was ground zero for a terrible disaster, yet on the outside everything seemed normal. All of my experiences there were anything but normal.

The Room with all the junk displayed in haphazard fashion seems to reflect our culture's way of hording things, particularly things that don't work! See Matthew 6:19-21

The Three Clocks represent how we measure time. They remind us of the importance of time and our limited supply of it. A clock that does not work represents death. So it would seem that trying to tell time by a clock that does not work could bring (premature) death.

The Woman from Church is symbolic of people who go to church void of a personal relationship with Jesus. Without this precious relationship, the witch clock was able to deceive and manipulate her into believing that it worked! She was looking to it to tell her the time when it obviously was not working! The hands never moved. What she had heard was the chiming from the Grandfather clock hidden behind it. It truly troubled me that she did not see that it clearly had occult images on its face. There are clear and direct warnings in the word of God that we are not to take direction from those practicing witchcraft. How many who claim they are Christian take advise from the astrology columns, palm readers, psychics, mediums, and the like? This is all idolatry. Also if you look in Romans 1:18- 32 it clearly tells us this is also the root cause of homosexuality. If you have a problem with this, please don't write me. Take it up with God. It is His word, His ways, and His judgment. He'll make it known to you if you seek the truth. The woman's interest in this clock led me to Galatians 3 and Romans 6. Paul writes about the church being bewitched into believing its salvation was through living by the law. Both of these chapters are worthy of your study time. Working to gain God's favor is a slap in the face of Jesus who died on the cross to bridge that gap between us and God the Father. The Cross of Christ is the only provision we need for our salvation. The Word of God tells us that God will supply all of our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19) Any works that follow after accepting the perfect work of the Cross is done out of love and devotion to God the Father and Jesus Christ. It is accomplished with the help of the Holy Spirit. Would this woman looking to the witch clock reveal how the American church is looking to sources outside of God to give her direction? Since rebellion is as witchcraft and stubbornness is as bad as idolatry, are much of our churchy efforts being rejected by God? See 1 Samuel 15:23

It was clear that when she suddenly showed up on the floor with me while I was in travail, that she was trying to ?look' spiritual. I asked God to get her away from me because I couldn't move and she kept hitting me. Most know that a woman in labor is not the most congenial person to be with. Her being there at that critical time for me was like trying to give birth to a child with someone else in the same bed! This reminds me of much of the ?spirituality' in the Charismatic church. (Not all of it, but all too often.) If God truly moves on a person in a specific way, the church wants to imitate it and continue to give it life LONG after God is finished with it. They will use CPR and any other means necessary to keep their ?pet move of God' alive and anyone wanting to stop it is accused of being against God. This is witchcraft in the church. Though witchcraft is a real religion, I am referring to those who call themselves Christians who are seeking their own way through domination, manipulation and intimidation. God Almighty never dominates, manipulates or intimidates; so if any of those are going on in our homes, churches or jobs, it is this evil spirit at work. God draws us to Himself with overwhelming love. How could God be righteous, holy, trustworthy, giving, and yet be intimidating? That does not compute! We must rid ourselves of the Greek mythology that permeates our thinking. God is not standing ready to throw a lightning bolt our way. That is not the God of the Bible! God always warns us to turn from sin. This is because sin is what brings the judgment.

The Green Clock would only work for awhile and then it would wind down and either stop or give the incorrect time. Green can be representative of growth, but since the copper was oxidizing and it was in a decrepit state, it is more likely to represent envy, striving for recognition, or trying to establish independence. Thankfully, this is something the Lord will frustrate our every effort to do. He has made it clear in His word that it is Jesus alone who is worthy to receive all glory and honor and praise. See 1 Corinthians 1:29 and Job 5:12. He has also made it plain that we need to be completely dependant upon Him. See Proverbs 3:5-7. I believe that is the message concerning the green clock. It is time to build God's kingdom and not our own; it is time to be dependant on the Lord Jesus and not on our own accomplishments, talent, gifts or credibility. God has rendered those things dead works. I believe the green clock is symbolic of the church-era that is winding down. It just takes too much effort to try to keep it working! God has given us the keys to the kingdom, but they are not to open doors for our own gain. This is an era where the church has exalted itself and replaced the Holy Spirit with the ?Hand of Ministry.' It has put its hand over Christ's face so that people look to them for help instead of looking to God for help. In doing this, church leadership has concealed God's face from the people. The head of the church is Christ Jesus. This is a solemn warning to those who are seeking to build a name for them selves. It is TIME for the hand of ministry to serve and care for the Body as is directed in Scripture, so that she can accomplish the original plan of God. It is time for the Body to be in unity and mature in faith. See Ephesians 4:11-16 for more understanding.

The Witch Clock would seem to reflect how our culture is bedazzled by supernatural powers and seeks power by gaining control. I have had the nagging impression that the Witch Clock is also representative of the Gregorian calendar we presently use. Discern for yourself. It would seem that we follow a calendar with a questionable background. It doesn't mean we need to swing the pendulum the opposite way and tell people they are in sin if they follow the Gregorian calendar. That wouldn't be prudent or practical. Remember we are to, "Be in the world, but not of the world."

This has led me to wonder; if we aren't gauging our time accurately, who is? I was thinking we need to look to our roots - our ancestral line. This points me to the Grandfather clock.

The Grandfather clock has deeply intrigued me. Grandfathers represent generational lines, wisdom, love and security. Abraham is known as our father (see Romans 4). He is the father of faith. Abraham is Jacob's - Israel's grandfather. So I am persuaded that the Grandfather clock is symbolic of the Jewish calendar year. You may find this site interesting

Maybe that is what we need to be looking to for direction. Not to be bound in legalism, but to consider the times. Since The Days of Awe are upon us, starting at sunset October 3rd to nightfall 13th 2005, maybe that is a good starting place. This is ten days of introspection, prayer and fasting. They end with Yom Kipper and this is the beginning of the New Year! At nightfall on October 13th it will be the beginning of the Jewish year 5766. In fact the year that we are in presently, 5765, is known as a ?pregnant' year as it has an addition month. I find this interesting since I was in labor pain.

One thing really peculiar that I noticed mathematically is that the year 5766 = 12 and 12 (5+7=12 and 6+6=12). Even stranger than that is that if you add all the numbers of this New Year date 10/13/2005 they all equal 12! (1+0+1+3+2+0+0+5=12) I don't even know how I noticed this! I do know however, that 12 is the number of ?perfection of government'. There are 12 patriarchs, 12 sons (tribes) of Israel, 12 apostles, 12 foundations in the heavenly Jerusalem, 12 gates, 12 pearls, 12 angels, 12 legions of angels, and Jesus was 12 when He first appears in public and utters His first words, "Why were you looking for Me? Didn't you know I must be about My Father's business?" (Luke 3:49)

Also 12+12 = 24 and there are 24 thrones and 24 elders (Revelation 4:4) Also 12x12=144 cubits which is the radius of the New Jerusalem. Then there are the 12 tribes x 12,000 = 144,000 who are sealed (Revelation 7:3-8). So if you are inclined to study numbers you may want to discern this further. I would welcome any input if you believe the Lord is showing you something in all of this. I see it, but I don't have full understanding of what it means. We prophecy in part and know in part!

My father's fraternal twin sisters, my aunts represent theological differences. They have been split into two different church denominations for the past 50+ years because of marriage. The one who didn't think anything was wrong with Harry Potter stayed in our ?family denomination' and it tends to be accepting of superstitions and is venerable to deception. If for some reason you are like I was, and don't believe such things are real, cautiously do an ?occult' Google search. Don't get lured in though! It is quite abundant.

The other sister that was arguing with her married into a Bible based church. This clearly illustrates how beliefs get passed down through the generations, but thankfully, false teachings can be stopped by the word of God and the Blood of Jesus. This is an excellent article about Harry Potter and explains further why I made the comment I did.

He then moved me onto the more important thing which was to reveal a mystery.

Seeing the cross-section of the floor as I went into the workroom below seems to reveal how God allowed me to be aware of thedivide between the natural and the spiritual realms. This in itself is a mystery! This small ?war-room' in the basement reminded me of the many secret underground bunkers that exist with and without our knowledge to protect the heads of countries in times of conflict.

When the Holy Spirit unrolled the blueprints of the compound, He drew my attention to a specific area that had been ignored. The blueprints would seem to be symbolic of the mysteries God has entrusted to His Body. See Matthew 13:11, 1 Corinthians 1:7-16 and 1 Corinthians 4:1. God showed me the small overlooked building then The Goat. A goat in a dream can represent being bullied or being gullible. Since this is a warning of a judgment on America, it would seem that it is America as a nation that is being naïve and bullied into complacency. Remember when it was said that September 11, 2001 ?Woke the Sleeping Giant'? I saw many bumper stickers that told us to "REMEMBER" and "NEVER FORGET" yet we seem to have lost interest and gone back to our slumber. A goat symbolizes the ones separated from God. See Matthew 25:33, 41. A goat may forewarn of an enemy trying to lay a hold of our plans. Since the goat is a common image for Satan, it is fair to say he wants to bully and intimidate us into giving up God's plan for our lives - both individually and corporately. This metal goat specifically symbolized a boiler which generates power and heats large areas. It was helping itself to the grain. Grain biblically is shown to be times of plenty and a time to accumulate wealth. It also represents the hard labor to bring forth the harvest. The enemy desires to eat our harvest! He is going mostly unsupervised, and because of our lack of humility before God and our lack of vigilance to keep watch, there could be a great catastrophe. Just today as I was working on this interpretation, and I still did not understand what The Goat could be, I saw a news clip about Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) that is brought into our country on huge cargo ships. My spirit jumped when I saw the video of a huge ship being brought in because of the riveted metal, the cargo and the subject the news was focused on. The reporter was doing a special about areas venerable to attack in our country! Up until then, I had wondered if The Goat was an oil refinery, a nuclear bomb, meltdown or what, but this seemed to ring true to my heart that the goat is likely LNG ships. Please pray for our country's penitence, first with leaders and then with the masses. Let's also pray for those standing guard to be diligent. Let's not wait until something even more horrifying happens to us before we find ourselves on our knees.

The Special Need's Child is someone most people would not look to for wisdom or prophecy, but God chooses the foolish and weak things of the world to confound the wise. Children are very sensitive to Jesus and this is why He tells us to come to Him as a child. See Matthew 18.

When the child spoke of the judgment coming to America, my spirit instantly knew the truth of it and reacted with travailing in the spirit. Travail in Scripture generally refers to birth pangs (hard labor), but can also represent sorrow, worry, or from agony of trials. I felt all of those things. America as a country and a political force is prematurely killing the life and purpose that God gave her.As we know, this is being done in great numbers in the natural to our unborn children. I know it grieves the heart of God - who knows each of those babies by name, knows their futures, but sees them being pulled apart inside the womb. Life that has been knit together in God's sight is being unraveled. As it is in the womb, so it is in the country. The life of this nation which God knew and approved of is prematurely dying - just like an abortion does to an unborn child. We are literally, as a country, being torn apart politically, socially, racially, denominationally, and financially. For example, in the name of good new stories, we have seen the media rip this country apart with sensational journalism for the sake of sales and ratings. They are manipulating the politicians, the poor, the rich, the young, the old, the broken-hearted, the lost and this industry is shameless about it. It is so graphic in nature and in so many ways like a physical abortion. Then we have the opposite problem that renders America unable to conceive new life. What is taking place in the lives of individuals in their lifestyles of homosexuality is impotence. Even today we come yet another step closer to tearing down walls of protection around this country because CT became the first state to legalize ?civil unions' without being forced by the courts. In spite of all of this we need to remember who we are in Christ. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We cannot hide from God's Spirit. Let pray for our country instead of joining the enemy in tearing it apart! Let us not become ?accusers of the brethren.' Let us not use manipulation to further our cause! The Lord called us to love one another and to pray for one another.

Galatians 5:13 For you are called to freedom, brothers; only don't use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another through love. 14 For the entire law is fulfilled in one statement: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 15 But if you bite and devour one another, watch out, or you will be consumed by one another.

Since I am not an activist against homosexuality, abortion, or witchcraft, I knew this was not coming from my own agenda. I know these sins grieve the heart of our Father in heaven, but I believe these wounded souls will be won to God's saving grace in the intercessor's closet and with outstretched arms. I do not believe quarreling and having screaming matches with pro-choicer's and the homosexual community will make the eternal changes we truly seek. Nor will it speak to those involved in witchcraft.The Bible doesn't say that any of these sins are worse than other works of the flesh like adultery, theft, strife, jealousy, hatred or greed- which is all too common in the Body of Christ. See 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Galatians 5:19-26. Sin separates each of us from God. All sin. It is God's word written on our hearts that make true changes, not getting into tit-for-tat battles with the lost. Heaven forbid! Jesus died for such as these! We need to be delicate and godly as opposed to self-righteous and judgmental. We have eachfallen. We have each been forgiven. Are we not asked likewise to show that forgiveness to the world?

This was not in the dream but I feel it must be addressed because it contributes to our impotence as a country. Too many men who are able to conceive are taking their ?seed' and wasting it on fantasies - something that is not real; something that does not legitimately belong to them. Jesus said that if we lust in our heart we are guilty of the sin of adultery. See Matthew 5:28. If we turn to idols, including money, we are in adultery. So as a nation we are adulterous. We need to apply God's ointment to our eyes so we can clearly see. We think we are rich and we think we are in need of nothing, but we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. The Bible tells us all this in Revelation 3:17, 18. This also relates to our grain - our prosperity, our work, our fruitfulness. This is the grain that the enemy of our soul has free access to eat.

May the church hear what the Lord is saying.

In His peace,


Dream given 7/18/02
Interpretation July to October 2005

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